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Dream. Believe. Inspire.


Yoga Souhl Mission

Yoga Souhl is a blogging platform centered on the mantra that authenticity is the key to a fulfilled life. Through writing, I share my story and experiences of overcoming self-doubt and fear of becoming a writer, yogi, teacher, best friend, and world traveler. I share these stories because I believe that we all merge onto the same road with each other eventually, and that being able to relate and swap lessons learned can be one of our strongest tools in life. In unity, we not only find our connection, but also our independence in serving ourselves and one another.



Yoga Souhl rests on three reminders: dream, believe, inspire. Without dreams, we would never take off. Without belief, we would never use our innate power. Without inspiration, we would never notice the beauty around us. Yoga Souhl offers digestible chunks of all three, because we all need to be reminded of just how close we are to being truly, presently happy.


Blog Posts

Check out the newest blog posts published on Yoga Souhl, ranging from relationship advice to life purpose.


Yoga Classes

In the Delaware area? Come join me for a class! The schedule is updated on a weekly basis, and I would love to meet you on the mat.


Online Posts

Writing for platforms such as Elephant Journal, Niume, and Sivana Spirit humble me to my core. Check them out online!



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“Trust that life will always bring you to what you need to experience.”

Aleksandra slijepcevic|  Founder



Always on a journey toward peace, love, and eternal balance. 

I am many things: writer, manager, coordinator, peace keeper, editor, animal activist, yoga teacher, traveler, puppy snuggler.

When I was 10 years old, my family moved from war-torn Serbia to the American dream, nuzzled up on the East Coast. I entered the 'Merican lifestyle through sweet tea and a Southern drawl, growing up in North Carolina. We eventually shifted north, where I currently call the Northeast my home.

I began writing to express myself as a rebellious and emotionally confused teenager. I continued writing because I fell in love with the language of my soul. Through words, I found ties to the rest of the world, and in that reach for connection, I met myself in everyone else.

My drive is simple: to bridge the many avenues that make me who I am: writer, healer, yoga teacher, and believer. I unroll my yoga mat to provide my body the respect of movement. I teach yoga because I am passionate about people and what they can achieve and uncover, and honestly? That kind of exploration is just a $10-mat away...

I am a firm believer that we already posses the answers to every question we've ever asked. There are vast tools at our disposal to uncover that wisdom; I've come to experience purposeful movement and peaceful stillness in breath as just two of those tools that you can use whenever your heart desires....and it will desire them often.

My path is to my passion, and I like to believe that yours is, as well. If you gain anything from Yoga Souhl, let it be this: you are exactly where you need to be to create space for your dreams, beliefs, and inspiration.